Lens implantation to correct vision

 In our centers, lens implants are performed to treat severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the most recent technologies
And lens implantation is performed for patients who suffer from severe myopia or those who suffer from weak corneal thickness or patients with keratoconus, because the cornea in these cases does not tolerate LASIK in addition to that, in these cases, LASIK may lead to a decrease in the efficiency of night vision.

What are the types of lenses that are implanted inside the eye?

 Lenses are implanted in the anterior chamber of the eye (in front of the iris).
Lenses are implanted in the back of the eye (behind the iris and in front of the lens of the eye) called (ICL)

When does vision improve after lens implantation?

The patient feels improvement of vision during the first week after the operation.

Who are the candidates for the vision corrective lens implantation?

We implant lenses for people whose vision cannot be corrected with LASIK, and they are:
• Patients with severe myopia.
• Patients with moderate myopia with weak corneal thickness.
Patients with high farsightedness.
• Patients with keratoconus

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